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Certified Infant Sleep Consultant

I found I was always talking to my friends about their children's sleep

Hi, I'm Candice.

As a mum of two girls, one of whom didn't start life as a great sleeper, I knew that better sleep was out there, I just didn't know how to achieve it.

Every night from 6pm through to midnight my little girl would be grizzly, cry, and generally unsettled.  She would only sleep being held and it would take hours to get her to settle.  I knew there was something I was missing, but I didn't know what.  People would tell me that children's sleep is tricky, she'll sleep when she's ready, she's wide awake, you'll never get her to sleep now.  But I just knew there was more that I could be doing.


Thankfully, by chance, one of my mum friends shared a sleep guide.  I read it straight away.  It all started to make sense; how often she should be sleeping, what was causing the fussing, when she should be sleeping. So the next day I followed their advice to the letter.  My daughter's sleep improved from that very first morning nap. 

Since then I have been obsessed with children's sleep.  I found I was always talking to my friends about their children's sleep.  Eventually, I realised that what I needed was some science and real knowledge to back up the obsession.  So I studied infant sleep, and qualified as a Sleep Consultant with the acclaimed Sleep Nanny Academy.

I haven't looked back since.  Supporting families so that they can achieve the sleep that I know is possible is such a privilege.  


For the last 6 years I've been working with an exclusive international health and wellness company supporting a wide range of clients to achieve their health goals within fitness, function mindfulness and nutrition.

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